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Write A Book for What?

Why write a book? Is investing so much time into a children’s story worth the effort? Why write when you aren’t guaranteed anyone in the world will read it.  Would I still write if no one read? I’ve asked myself these questions a million times. I wish I could share all the reasons I write in one blog post, but that would be impossible.  So here are just a few reasons why I write.

Why I Write - Tea with Cinnamon, Journal, Glasses, Flat Lay

1.  I’m that girl who can’t hear anyone or anything when I’m reading a book. Reading takes me somewhere else. Reading makes me want to write.

2. Books-the written word-can be permanently engraved into someone’s mind and leave a lasting impression on their life. I’m not talking about the warm fuzzy feelings when things turn out right in the end. Books shouldn’t always make us feel good. The books I love the most are the ones that motivate me to action. I want every word I write to point others to the Savior. All the books in the world couldn’t hold all the wonder that exists in Jesus Christ.  I write because I want every reader to know the wonder of who He is.

3. Not long after losing her daughter, my friend wrote something on social media that I’ll never forget.  She wrote that losing her daughter made her want to go out and try all those things she’d always wanted to do, but never had. When I read that, it was like the Lord wrote it on my heart: I would write a book. I’m thankful for my friend’s influence. Even in her darkest moments she was faithful. I encourage you to go and read her story , I have no doubt it would encourage you.

4.  I want to please the One who rescued me. I write because I want Him to know I love Him.

5.  God has orchestrated every circumstance of my life. He knew this book would be born out of a love for orphans.  The struggle I’d have with anxiety taught me what it meant to cling to Jesus; He gave me grace to forget myself. In the forgetting, when I wrote this story, He reminded me of His immeasurable love.  As I wrote, I worshiped. Writing brings me closer to Him; it’s how I draw near.

Would I still write if no other person read my book?  Yes, I know at least One who would read it. He’s all that matters.

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