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Juicing and Bone Broth Fast

This week, the hubs and I are going to start a three day juice and bone broth fast. I want to be ready.   Without a plan, I know I’ll fail. Also, posting a blog keeps me accountable. Obviously, I don’t want the whole world to watch me fail.  But without “a vision, the people perish.”  See, it’s Biblical.  Not the juicing part, the planning part. It’s good to visualize where we want to be.  It’s good to know the why and the how.


I want to kick my sugar habit.  Also, the habit of eating large bowls of cereal as snacks must stop. My caffeine addiction gives me headaches. I think most of you can relate to that one. But the main reasons for me are simple-candida and hormones. Candida is a form of yeast…don’t Google it.  I promise it’s disgusting. Some people are more prone to it than others. Candida grows when a person eats sugar-and other certain foods. You are more prone to candida when you are taking antibiotics.  Ever since I was prescribed antibiotics a year ago, my body can’t handle certain foods-especially sugar.  It’s like the antibiotics corrupted me or something.  I have no scientific proof of this.  But I do know my body. I used to be able to eat things like bananas, avocados, and bacon.  Now, when I eat those foods I end up doubled over in pain. Sometimes the pain is so bad I feel as though I’ll pass out.

Not only do I want to kill the candida, I also want to regulate my hormones. Recently, I’ve been in bed with flu like symptoms because of hormones.  It should not be this way!  The pain is unbearable.  Suffering from pounding headaches, nausea, and extreme cramping, I feel like I’m pregnant (trust me, I’m not!).

I’ve been anxious about what might happen.  Sometimes, the pain scares me.  The doctors can’t help me.  I’ve been down that road, and honestly, I come out feeling like a psycho. God never meant for any of us to live in a constant state of fear.  So instead of focusing on what might happen, I want to be proactive and take a preventative approach to these symptoms.  I want to do something to help myself.

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The plan is to drink juice, water, bone broth, and tea for three days.  I’ll also be taking supplements, making sure I get all the nutrients I need for the full seven days.

At the end of the juice fast, I’m going to be eating Whole30ish with a little Paleo. My hope is that the pain stops and my hormones get back to normal as I change what I eat.  We’ll see how it goes.

(Also, just a note here. I have no medical experience at all.  I encourage you to do research if you want to try juicing or doing a bone broth fast. Talk to your doctor.  Because of my health conditions, my way to health may look a lot different than yours.  Do what is best for you and your health!)

What happened?

(The rest of this post was written the third day of the juice and bone broth fast.)

The first day, I tried juicing and drinking broth equally, but sadly, many fruits cause candida to grow.  Honestly, I should have been more careful.   By the second day, the candida symptoms grew stronger. But I didn’t want to give up entirely.  Instead, I decided to drink only bone broth. The switch did wonders.  I’m on my third day of having no food.  I feel surprisingly great.  Whenever I feel the least bit hungry, I get the homemade broth from the freezer and heat it on the stovetop.  It’s fast and easy.

However, my husband lasted only a day and half. Ha! He hated it.  He decided not to include the bone broth in his fast- only straight juice. By the middle of the second day, he called and said, “I’m feeling hangry.”  I told him to try the bone broth, but he was done. He came home and ate pears, grapes, and chicken. He’ll never do it again. Trust me.  Ha!

Would I do it again?

Well, I would never do a juice fast again. Even if I try to stay in the “safe” fruit category, the risk isn’t worth it for me.  But I would do a bone broth fast again.  I’m surprised at how it fills me up.  It isn’t like food, but if I keep drinking the broth, I feel fine.

Overall, I’m glad I tried it.

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