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A Writing Challenge

A Writing Challenge

I love to write.  It makes me feel alive.  There’s a freedom in writing that I can’t explain.  It’s like abandon happens.  I throw everyone’s opinions to the way side.  My thoughts come barreling to my mind and I write non-stop.

I’ve heard over and over that in order to be a great writer you need to do 2 things:  you need to read good books, and you need to write everyday. I love reading good books.  My favorite of all is by CS LEWIS, The Chronicles of Narnia.  If I could pick a hero author, it would be him, hands down.

But writing. (sigh).  Well, I’m a homeschool mom who cleans the house and makes dinner, all while making sure my kids don’t die-that right there is like a full time job. Oh, and also we’re living in a fixer upper.  But being a mom is the best job in the world.  There’s no place I’d rather be. I say that because it didn’t used to be true.  In my “young mama” days, I was stupid and immature-wanting my own dreams more than anything. I think that’s why I didn’t write-because of my own selfishness.

But now it’s time write.

The Writing Challenge Book

I purchased a book with 300 writing prompts.  I’m going to write as often as I can.

So here it goes:

Writing Prompt Number One: What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

Lazy days.  They begin slowly.  The kids are still asleep, the house is just beginning to come alive with sunlight.  Streaks of it stretch along the floor; shadows vividly reveal themselves on the walls.  Stillness. Coffee.  Silent conversations with Jesus fill my head as I sip my coffee and let my gaze drift out the big picture window.  Gradually, the kids stir in their beds.  I hear them stretch, turning over every now and then.  And I wait, coffee in hand to see their sleepy faces and bed heads enter the room.  Gradually, they come.  Lots of cuddles.  A bit of morning chatter-but still quiet.  Bowls of cereal.  Lots of crunching at the long wooden kitchen table. The chatting starts to increase and the sleepy voices disappear.  They place their bowls in the sink-one drops his bowl in the sink crashing away the stillness. They slip on their flip flops and go romp in the dirt.  And I watch them all day, enjoying their happiness and God’s incredible goodness.  Lazy days are best spent at home with my family.  There is no other place I’d rather be.

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