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That Road To Bitterness

Bitterness Road inevitably comes our way at some point in life.  This week, I found the road right outside my door.  Have you ever been there?  That place where someone is trying to help, but in reality they’re hurting your heart.  And all the while you’re listening to them, you’re screaming inside, “Lord, why are they doing this?  I thought this person was my friend.” Gradually, I found myself looking ahead and seeing that road to bitterness. The invitation rang with clarity.

Then for the rest of the week I re-played the scene over and over in my mind.  Ideas of what I should have said came to mind.  Why couldn’t I have thought of that when I was there in the moment?  Why did they judge me like this?  They don’t know my story.  They don’t really know me.  Over and over I rested my mind on the past. I lived there instead of moving on and resting my mind on Jesus.

But this is what I found in God’s Word:

My identity isn’t found in what others think about me; my identity is in Jesus Christ alone.
I was not made to be a people-pleaser, I was made to please God.
Some people won’t understand me.  It isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  It just is.

The more I thought on these truths, the less frustrated I felt.  The grudge I wanted to hold onto died.  The anger dwindled to nothing.  I stopped replaying the scene over and over in my mind.  You see, what other people think-it’s a small thing.  God’s truth is bigger. When I looked at my circumstances through the filter of Scripture, my heart changed. Bitterness Road disappeared.

God’s Word really does set us free.



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