Children’s Book

I’ve always loved writing.  Not sure why, I think God wired me this way.  Making words turn into pictures, that’s my favorite.  Well, at least one of my favorites.  When I was little, I would write poetry for fun-I know, I’ve always been quirky. I still remember one of the lines to a poem I wrote entitled Snow.  The line was, “It’s freckles on your face.” I think the next line went something like, “And white like delicate lace.” Ha!  I had dreams of becoming a writer.  Anne of Green Gables was pretty much my hero. But as I grew up, those dreams were set to the way side.

Tea and a Book-My Journey into Writing a Children's Book By Rachel Dawn

I went to college and studied Drama/Theater.  It didn’t make sense. I had probably been in less that 5 plays my entire life.  Haven’t a clue what I was thinking.  I enjoyed performing. Then there was that one time when Mrs. Crawford had the class write a script.  It was the first time my love of writing clashed with my love of theater. Gradually, those dreams of writing came to the forefront of my mind again.

Then life happened. I got married. I had kids. Three monsters who happen to be absolutely amazing.  Motherhood takes most of your time and a lot of your sleep.  Once again, those dreams were set to the way side.  Let me be clear, though-motherhood matters much more than my dreams.  Motherhood is a ministry.  Nothing in the world, besides being married to my best friend, tops being a mother.  I was content and happy.

Then God did something.  Don’t you love when He does something?  Actually, He’s always doing something-we just don’t pay attention.  Someone asked me to write a play for the church I attended, and I did. The writing and theater came together and it lit a spark.  It was an incredible experience. The next year I wrote another play. I’m not sure how many I’ve written now.  I’ve written reader’s theaters, monologues, and regular plays.

The entire time, I heard, “You should get this published.” Life was busy, though.  I had found out that I was having our fourth child. My husband had decided to pursue his doctorate, and we made the huge move from Alabama to Michigan. Publishing my plays was the last thing on my mind.  That is until now.

Now, it’s time.

I’m combining my love of theater with my love of writing.  The reader’s theater play is meant to be read as a children’s book or performed for an audience.  My hope is that people around the world will be encouraged to follow Jesus with their whole heart when they read this children’s book.  I want to be invisible.  God has orchestrated every detail of my life, and without Him this book would never exist. My goal is to have the children’s book published sometime in 2017.

I’m excited and terrified.  Mostly terrified.